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Nanotechnology Anti-Condensation for Glass

Nanotechnology Anti-Condensation for Glass

Weight: 0.100 Kgs

Especially in autumn, humidity is often so high that water condenses on the inside of car windows, which most people try to remove by using their hands. This isn't very efficient and also forms streaks, which reduce the view at night time, especially when in the glare of oncoming traffic.

Tarnished car windows risk causing accidents but can be prevented by using our anti-condensation protection.


'Nano Anti-Condensation for Glass' is a cleaner with an anti-condensation effect for all glass surfaces.

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  • Suitable for all glass surfaces
  • Prevents condensation


Ranges of application:

  • Glass shower cubicles
  • Car glass
  • Windows
  • Mirrors


Available sizes:

  • 20 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 50 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 100 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 1 l bottle with spray head
  • 5 l container
  • 20 l container
  • 30 l container
  • 200 l container
  • 1000 l container

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