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Black radiant heater for indoor and outdoor areas Black Light 1500W

Infrared heater for indoor and outdoor areas Black Light 1500W

Weight: 6.000 Kgs

This radiant heater is suitable for open areas as well as for indoors. It can be used on a terrace, above the swimming pool, in halls, gas stations, as well as in premises with poor insulation. The heat is very mild and pleasant. The lit area warms immediately after the heater is switched on. Due to its high level of water resistance, the Black Light heater is suitable for heating also places where humidity is high. This method of heating is increasing in popularity due to its high reliability, efficiency and lack of harmful influences.

Application areas

Outdoor and indoor areas of bars, pubs, restaurants, discos, hotels; patio outdoor areas, terraces, gardens, churches, warehouses, farms, greenhouses.

Mo-El infrared heaters are short wave, IR-A heaters, which means high performance, immediate warming even in case of cold wind. The heaters work by radiation, like the sun rays. Heating by infrared provides high savings and more security compared to heating applications on gas. Furthermore, Mo-El infrared heaters do not need glass covering, hence there is no heat dispersion. All products are IMQ certified and comply with the strictest European regulations.

Design, engineering and manufacturing - Italy.

This product can be found and bought in the show-room of InfraHEAT in Sofia, Bulgaria, located on 85 "Tzar Boris" blvd. tel. 0876 800 255.

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The heater is mounted high above the ground or directly on the ceiling - in this way walls and floors remain vacant. Infrared radiation heats evenly and pleasantly, while dry walls minimise the conditions for the occurrence of mould. The Black Light heater is extremely easy to operate and maintain. There is no need for replacement of air filters, lubricants, or replacement parts - the heater is one whole body, which is practically eternal. The mode of operation - via radiant heating - allows the walls to accumulate heat during the day. Thus, in the evening the heater can be turned off for maximum energy savings without significantly affecting the thermal comfort. Perfect device for zone heating in large rooms, halls or outdoors. Highest level of protection from moisture and direct water splashes - IP 65.

Technical data

  • Dimensions in mm: 1022 x 176 x 194
  • Weight: 5,75 kg
  • Power supply: 220-240V, ~ 50-60Hz
  • Total consumption: 1500W
  • Cable: Silicon H05SSF, 3m lenght
  • Protection against dust and moisture: IP 65
  • Insulating class: I
  • Heating System: Tubular electric heaters
  • Material: Aluminum 12/10mm satinized
  • Radiating Element Material: Anodised aluminum


Made in Italy

Infrared heaters for outdoor areas are certified by IMQ and CE, and meet the most stringent European requirements.

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