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Convectional heater and towel dryer for bathroom TOUCH 1800W

Weight: 3.000 Kgs

The convectional heater and towel dryer for bathroom TOUCH is a beautiful solution for the heating in the bathroom. With a thickness of just 11 cm, TOUCH is extremely flat and looks like a screen. Touch screen controls, similar to smart phones. The towel holder function is fully integrated in the whole shape of the unit.


Free delivery to a EKONT's office in Bulgaria!

2 years warranty!


This product can be found and bought in the show-room of InfraHEAT in Sofia, Bulgaria, located on 85 "Tzar Boris" blvd. tel. 0876 800 255.



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Technical data:

  • Dimension (H-L-D-), cm: 50-30-11
  • Tension - Power: 230 V/1800W
  • SCHUKO Plug
  • Protection: IP 24
  • Thermostat
  • Timer
  • Frost free position
  • Presence sensor
  • Towel drier function


Due to a completely renovated air flow circulation TOUCH has a very silent operation and delivers an evenly distributed air flow for a perfect distribution of the temperature in your room together with cosy towels.

A dust filter protects the unit, prevents overheating and guarantees longer life and reliability.

TOUCH is in double electrical insulation and splash proof IP 24, protected against water, so that it can be installed in bathrooms or humid areas without any risk.

An infrared sensor integrated into the front screen detects if anybody is in the bathroom, and guarantees the right COMFORT temperature controlled by an intelligent and precise adjustable electronic thermostat.

After 10 minutes, if nobody has been detected, it automatically switches to ECO mode (3,5°C less than COMFORT temperature) adjusting the power consumption to a lower level.

You will save energy up to 25% compared to a traditional fan heater.

Should somebody be detected again, it will take just a few minutes to bring back the temperature from ECO to COMFORT level.

TOUCH can also be programmed to obtain a COMFORTABLE temperature at the exact hour you need it: you will find your bathroom warm and cosy at your morning wake up. 

Frost protection setting.

Extremely low noise level.

Double electrical insulation against electrical shock.

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