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Effluent and Domestic Sewage Pump SOLOLIFT+ of Grundfos

Effluent and Domestic Sewage Pump SOLOLIFT+ of Grundfos

Rating: 10
Weight: 5.000 Kgs

The wastewater pumps SOLOLIFT+ are a practical solution for transfer of effluent water from toilets, situated under the level of the main sewage system of the building. 

SOLOLIFT+ grinds and throws out sewage wastewater (up to 1 litre per second) up to 5 metres max. height and up to 100 metres distance from the sewage pipe.

These Grundfos pumps are a quick and easy solution to the problems with effluent water transfer since there is no need for installation of expensive and unattractive connections and fittings.

6 products for 6 different applications

In order to choose a suitable SOLOLIFT+ pump, please, refer to the table:


PUMPS Exit Connection (mm) Entrance Connection (mm) Capacity Height Length Width
SOLOLIFT+WC 23/25/28/32 100 400W 280 431 190
SOLOLIFT+WC-1 23/25/28/32 100+1x40 400W 280 431 190
SOLOLIFT+WC-3 23/25/28/32 100+3x40 400W 280 431 190
SOLOLIFT+CWC-3 23/25/28/32 100+3x40 350W 298 476 138
SOLOLIFT+C-3 23/25/28/32 3x40 200W 298 476 138
SOLOLIFT+D-3 23/32 1x40+1x40/32 270W 144 296 162
SOLOLIFT+PWC-3     670W 271 529 172
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Sololift+WC Sololift+WC-1


(suitable for single WC)


(suitable for WC and sink)

Sololift+WC-3 Sololift+CWC-3


(suitable for WC, sink, shower and bidet)


(suitable for wall-hung toilet, sink and shower)

Sololift+C-3 Sololift+D-3


(suitable for washing machine and sink)


(suitable for shower and sink)



(suitable for WC, sink, shower and bidet)




  • Compact reservoirs equipped with a pump and:
  • Stainless steel knife and a metal net for grinding organic substances and toilet paper (version SOLOLIFT+WC)
  • Level switch for automatic start/stop
  • Connector fi 32 for supply pipe with transition couplings fi 23, 25 and 28 depending on the model, and a rubber connector fi 40 for the supply pipes, 2 brackets for installation on the floor
  • The WC models are equipped with DN100 connector for connection to WC
  • Max. fluid temperature: 40о С, 70о С SOLOLIFT+C-3 (max. 2min)
  • 1,2m cable with a plug
  • End connection with an active carbon filter
  • Motor IP44. Insulation class F
  • Voltage: 1x230 V, 50H

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