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Floor mounted boiler Atlantic Combi 300L

Floor mounted boiler Atlantic Combi 300L

Weight: 94.000 Kgs



Large storage tank with one coil and capacity of 300 liters. Floor mounting. Dry ceramic heater suitable for areas with limewater to prevent build-up of lime scale on the heater. Magnesium anode to protect the body of the heater. High – quality enamel coating. Thermometer.Thermostat. IP 25 protection against water jets.  Suitable for heating and solar installations. Contemporary design.

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Technical characteristics:

·        Nominal capacity: 300 liters;

·        Mounting: on the floor;

·        One coil;

·        Dry ceramic heaters for areas with lime water to prevent the accumulation of lime scale on the boiler;

·        Low surface power of the heater - 4W/cm2 that prevents accumulation of lime scale;

·        Magnesium anode to protect the body of the heater;

·        Contemporary design;

·        Index of protection: IP25 protection against water jets;

·        High - quality enamel coating;

·        Quality of the enamel: 40 years experience in Atlantic;

·        Stand for walls;

·        Thermometer;

·        CFC – free thermal insulation;

·        Thermostat;

·        Exit pipe for the hot water - chrome nickel;

·        Nominal voltage: 230 (220-240) V;

·        Power Consumption (kWh/24 hours): 2.77;

·        Coil volume: 7.1 m2;

·        Coil working pressure: 6 bars;

·        Warm up time Δt = 50 ° C - 5,50 h;

·        Input temperature coil power 90 ° C/m2, boiler temperature 45 ° C - 49,9 KW;

·        Flow rate of the input coil 90 ° C/m2, temperature of the boiler 45 ° C - 1230l / h;

·        Nominal capacity of the dry ceramic heater: 3300W;

·        Flange: Ø 72 mm;

·        Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 1787 x 577 mm;

·        Weight (empty): 94 kg;

·        Insulation connection;

Note: The unit comes with all of the security accessories (valve and thermostat)!


Made in France

Warranty: 72 months

All prices include VAT!

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