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Fan coil Clima 2000 - MVB

Fan coil Clima 2000 - MVB

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Weight: 20.000 Kgs

Fan coils may be used throughout the year for heating/cooling of houses, offices, public buildings, trade halls, production premises. The fan coil is an equipment, which takes the place of the radiator and the air-conditioner. It is part of the heating and/or air-conditioning system and has the function of a heating/cooling body.


Series MVB is designed for floor mounting - frontal air supply.

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Series Capacity kW Air Flow
Q cooling 7-12 оС Q heating 50 оС Q heating 70 оС m3/h
030 1.45 1.93 3.57 300
045 2.40 3.14 5.70 450
060 3.38 4.25 7.49 600
080 4.00 5.24 9.30 800
100 4.74 6.25 11.70 980
120 6.12 8.06 14.48 1200

models KFC - with noisier fan

models KFT - with more silent fan (suitable for bedrooms)



The heating capacity of the fan coils is significantly higher than that of the ordinary radiator - that is why the desired room temperature is reached a couple of minutes after the fan coil starts working. The fan coil (like the air-conditioner) has a filter, which cleans the air in the room. The difference is that the air-conditioner uses freon while the fan coil uses water that runs through its heat-exchanger. This is the reason why  the fan coil has the same efficiency regardless of the distance from the chiller/boiler.


Since water is used for carrying the heat, we can choose which type of fuel to use.




The fan coil Clima 2000 is the best investment for your air-conditioning/heating system. Purchasing the fan coil Clima 2000, you take advantage of the best money/kW ratio. The graphic shows the initial investment for the desired heating capacity. A comparison is made between different heat-exchangers (cast iron, aluminium, steel radiators) type water-air.




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