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Nano metal - Nanotechnology

Nano metal - Nanotechnology

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Nano metal is impregnated with the hydrophobic composition and butter repulsive properties , thanks to which the surfaces do not remain clean and rust for a long period of time . Can successfully replace the commonly used primers for the processing of metal products. Applications on steel, iron, copper, chromium and others. Advantages: Self-cleaning effect Prevents rusting Durable action - up to 1 year retains the structure and shine of the metal support requires only clean water repelled very good effect of water and fats using solvents reduced by about 90 % Application : Nano products isolated from water oil, air , ultraviolet rays , preventing pollution, rust , dark METAL PRODUCTS desktops MACHINES AND INSTRUMENTS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS metal handles SINKS AND ELEMENTS , home appliances

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Surface Preparation : The surface must be pre- cleaned of dirt, grease and oil . There should be no fingerprints and other cleaners. Before impregnation , the surface should be clean, dry and grease . Impregnation : This is by rubbing or polishing using a microfiber cloth dampened with Nano metal Percenta. The material is applied sparingly with a small circular movements on clean surface. Allow the sealed surface to harden for at least 30 minutes. At higher humidity the drying time is increased ( up to several hours ) . Then polish with the same cloth. The end result is reached after 1-2 hours , and most preferably is observed after 24 hours. At temperatures above +25 ° C the surface to be treated up into smaller sections . Not recommended for application at temperatures below +5 ° C. Consumption : 5-10 ml / sq.m Recommendations: It is recommended that before applying Nano surface to be cleaned with a metal cleaner Percenta, which will not only remove all dirt and residue from other cleaners , which would prevent usteshnoto impregnation.

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