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Measurement and Control

Measurement and control devices



Leading company in the field of measuring and controlling devices.

Country: Italy

Thermometers, thermostats, thermomanometers - Arthermo, Italy (34)

Thermometers with different applications

Thermometers (25)

Thermostats for heating systems, circulation pumps, heaters, boilers, solar collectors, air-conditioning systems and many others. Relay controls for excessive consumption of energy, electronic photo relays, transmitters, control modules for refrigeration installations, systems for building control, etc.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can offer to you the best solution for each individual case.

Thermostats, Relay Controls (65)

Control the temperature in the room and save energy

Radiator Thermostats (4)

Magnet valves for water, steam, gas, fuel and other fluids

Magnet Valves (40)

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