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Heater for bathroom and dryer for towels HELISEA 300W or 450W

Weight: 5.000 Kgs

Introducing HELISEA, the only towel-warming radiator to feature a dual heating surface.


Free delivery to a EKONT's office in Bulgaria!

2 years warranty!

This product can be found and bought in the show-room of InfraHEAT in Sofia, Bulgaria, located on 85 "Tzar Boris" blvd. tel. 0876 800 255.

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The new Helisea is a towel heater that dries the towels completely by evenly distributing the heat. In just few minutes, it gives you a warm and completely dried up towel.

It is the only towel heater with a dual surface which allows it to rotate on wall supports: a simple movement allows you to use one side of the unit to heat the bathroom and the other to dry the damp clothes and towels.

The high-precision, reliable electronic thermostat helps you maintain the perfect temperature in your bathroom while the timer allows you to select 4 operating times and modes: 

  1. to warm towels
  2. to warm heavy towels and bathrobes
  3. to dry damp towels
  4. to dry very damp towels

Easy and light to install, it can be easily fixed in just 5 minutes.

It does not require much space to get placed in your bathroom. The product is based on DHS (Diffused Heating System) technology which ensures high degree of heat with minimal energy consumption by even distribution of heat.

Technical data:

  • Power input: 230V˜, 300W or 450W
  • Dimensions: 300W: 52,0 x 71,0 x 16,5cm; 450W: 52,0 x 101,0 x 16,5cm
  • Ideal for bathrooms up to 6 m2
  • Double Electrical insulation
  • Waterproofed to: IP 24
  • Towel racks: 6 (3+3)
  • High-precision electronic thermostat
  • 4 position timer (15’-30’-60’-120’)

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