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Ultra Silent Fan-Coils Carisma

Date: 12 Jul 2010

The ultra silent fan-coils Carisma are now on the market! In line with innovative trends and modern industrial design, the Carisma fan coil range meets today’s demanding requirements of performance, size, acoustics, low energy, ease of installation and maintenance. Designed around 5 different versions, the extensive range includes wall and ceiling mounted units, exposed or concealed with either tangential or centrifugal fan options, delivering one of the most versatile ranges of fan coils on the market today. All CRC fan coils with centrifugal fans are equipped with electric motors which dramatically reduce electrical consumption of up to 40% comparative to previous models, with 6 speed motors as standard offering greater flexibility in the selection of products. New market trends have also led to an extension of the four pipe model which now has a two row LTHW battery giving improved outputs at lower flow and return temperatures. As a special option, the Carisma range can be fitted with the Crystall patented electrostatic filter featuring a class D rating according to standard UNI 11254 which equals a traditional mechanical filter of up to F9 without dramatically affecting static pressures. A full range of control options is available including the Free patented wireless control offering greater flexibility in the installation of units, with the highest precision in monitoring and maintaining the desired comfort conditions.

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