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Buy a product at our store via "Energy Efficiency" credit in Bulgaria

Date: 16 Sep 2011

Banks in Bulgaria give EUR 54 million for energy saving.

The REECL facility aims to give householders or Associations of Home Owners across Bulgaria an opportunity to realise the benefits of energy efficiency home improvements by providing them with loans and incentive grants through local participating banks.

Any householder or Association of Home Owners who takes a REECL loan is entitled to receive an incentive of 20%, 30% or 35% respectively toward the cost of the energy saving project once it has been completed at their residence, subject to terms and conditions.


Loans and grants are given for the following energy efficiency installations:

Energy Efficient Windows
Insulation of Walls, Roofs, and Floors
Gas Boilers
Biomass Fuelled Room Heaters, Stoves and Boiler Systems
Solar Thermal Systems
Cooling and Heating Heat Pump Systems
Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Systems
Heat-Exchanger Stations and Building Installations
Gasification Installations
Balanced Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

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