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Pestim energia took part in the International Congress and Exhibition 'Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy' (EE and RES), which took place in the framework of the 8th EE and RES Congress for South-East Europe, 28-30 March, 2012

Date: 07 Apr 2012

Pestim energia at Inter Expo


Pestim energia took part in the International Congress and 'Exhibition 'Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy' (EE and RES), which took place in the framework of the 8th EE and RES Congress for South-East Europe, 28-30 March, 2012.

Three categories of products were displayed at the exhibition and attracted a large number of visitors with their innovative features and energy-saving aspects:

  • Infrared heating panels InfraHEAT – created via a new technology based on carbon graphite polyimide.

InfraHEAT panels heat the premises via infrared waves in the wave range IR-C which is healthy and beneficial to the human body. With their low electricity consumption and soft heat emission, the heating panels InfraHEAT are a preferred solution for heating of premises with good thermal stability. In comparison to the newest generation of convector radiators, the infrared heating panels are around 30% more energy-efficient; in comparison to oil radiators, the consumed energy is around 50% less. Infrared waves heat first the objects, people, walls, ceiling and floor, creating a comfortable environment for the people in the dwelling without the circulation of air, dust and bacteria, with even distribution of heat in height and a feeling of comfort even when one sets the room temperature lower than usual. The models offered are white panels with capacities from 350 to 950W; black glass models with capacities 600 and 800W. The panel can be made also in the form of a picture panel with the picture being selected by the clients themselves. The pictures in the photos below are actually heating panels – and they do produce heat!

  • Heat pump water heater from Atlantic, France – hot water from the air! Yes, it is possible!

With average consumption of 500W/hour, the heat pump water heater can be compared to a system with solar collectors both in terms of its efficiency and in view of its energy consumption, as well as pricewise! The difference is that there is no need to install solar collectors on the roof of the dwelling, there is no need of constant sunshine either. The heat pump water heater takes little space and supplies hot water (200 or 250 litres) from the air day and night when the surrounding air temperature is above the absolute zero. What you need to do is only set the desired water temperature (from 38 to 65 degrees Celsius) and point the time when you need it, while the heat pump water heater will do the rest. 

  • Thermoceramic insulation coatings – also known as insulation paints with ‘Low-e’ component.

The thermoceramic coatings serve as insulation of the premises - and they are applied only via painting! The walls painted with thermoceramic coatings stay warm which does not allow the formation of condensation and mould. Once a wall is painted with two layers of thermoceramic coatings, the insulation effect is compared to one of 3 cm EPS insulation. The thermoceramic paints were developed via technology released on the market by NASA around 20 years ago – they have been on the Bulgarian market for more than 10 years now and during this time we have served many clients who have benefited from their effect. There are paints for inner wall use (which are well-combined with infrared heating panels since they reflect the heat waves back into the room) as well as paints for facade use (for preventing the overheating of the building during long-lasting sunshine periods or for hydro-insulation). 

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