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Pestim energia attracted the attention of the visitors during the International Exhibition, which took place at the end of May in Inter Expo Centre, Sofia

Date: 08 Jun 2013


The company presented the infrared heating panels InfraHEAT, a product developed via a world leading technology. This type of heating brings in comfort, energy savings and good health benefits.

Another interesting product displayed at the exhibition was the solar system for domestic hot water COMPACT. The system consists of a solar panel, a hot water tank and a standing structure – all in one single unit. This allows the system to reach maximum efficiency rates through natural water circulation – the water temperature reaches 95 degrees Celsius. The biggest advantage of the COMPACT solar panel is that it does not need electricity supply, installation is easy, while in practice there is no need for maintenance. The system works throughout the year. Warranty period is 10 years, while efficiencies are guaranteed by an Austrian quality patent.

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