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Customer feedback on the system solar collector and water tank in one single unit

Date: 13 Mar 2014


Compact - Advanced Solar Technology


We are glad to share with you feedback from a customer on his experience with the use of the system ‘solar panel and water tank in one single unit' Compact – Advanced Solar Technology.


“In the winter, during days when there was no sun at all, the water temperature was 40 degrees Celsius, while the thermometer is situated about 10 metres from the system, that is where the temperature is several degrees lower than the temperature in the water tank.

I have an acquaintance who is working on the maintenance of solar systems. When I told him that I do not need to touch anything in regard to the solar collector or the water tank, he cannot believe it that there is a system that does not require maintenance.

At home we also have an old water coil tank connected to a boiler on coal and wood. In our case, the water heating from the solar collector provides higher temperature and better efficiency levels than the water tank connected to the boiler.”


13 March 2014

Hrabar Dobrev, Sliven


You can read more about the solar system Compact here.

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