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How to clean your chimney effectively

05 Jan 2017
This article is available in Bulgarian only.

condensation and mold

22 Dec 2016
  condensation and mold

Tips to save energy at home

21 Oct 2016
Tips to save energy at home

Where to use a misting fan

16 Aug 2016
This article is available in Bulgarian only.

Why a chimney from ceramic elements?

12 Aug 2016
This article is available only in Bulgarian.

Solar system for hot water Compact. More about the efficiency

24 Jun 2016
The text is available in Bulgarian only. 

Pellet stove

14 Nov 2015
This article is available only in Bulgarian.

Outdoor paint insolation

01 Apr 2015
This article is only available in Bulgarian.

Insulating paint for outdor use

27 Mar 2015
This article is only available in Bulgarian. 

Ventilation - an important factor against mould

27 Feb 2015
This article is available only in the Bulgarian version of the site.

02 Oct 2014

01 Oct 2014

Heat pumps

17 Sep 2014
This article is available only in Bulgarian.

15 Aug 2014

Outdoor paint insolation

20 Jun 2014
This article is only available in Bulgarian.

Customer feedback on the system solar collector and water tank in one single unit

13 Mar 2014
“In the winter, during days when there was no sun at all, the water temperature was 40 degrees Celsius, while the thermometer is situated about 10 met...

The solar systems Compact are on the Bulgarian market

26 Feb 2014
The systems COMPACT comprise a solar panel, a water tank and a stand in one whole unit. They are the result of long years of developments run by...

Change of the Heating Installation in a Multi-Storey Building

05 Feb 2014
/the text is available only in Bulgarian/  

New energy efficient materials – thermal ceramic coatings with Low-e component for wall and ceiling application

12 Mar 2012
Ass. Prof. .Dr. Roy-Olive Adams †,  Dr. Arch. Ognyan Simov‡,  Prof. Dr.  Manfred Sohn† The primary consideration in the design of a...

Buy a product at our store via "Energy Efficiency" credit in Bulgaria

16 Sep 2011
Banks in Bulgaria give EUR 54 million for energy saving. The REECL facility aims to give householders or Associations of Home Owners acro...

Change your radiator thermostat with an intelligent one - up to 46% energy savings!

05 Aug 2011
Now you can set different temperatures in rooms in houses or offices from a central unit or individual thermostats - easily and economically! Personal...

Sun Protection and Hydropower with SuperShield Exterior Metal

19 Jun 2011
SuperShield Exterior Metal was applied to a roof with shingles. Special measuring equipment has been placed in order to monitor temperatures under the...

Nanotechnology - Lotus Effect

19 Aug 2009
As you may already know; rainwater is repelled by lotus plants. Why? Because these plants have a natural cleaning mechanism and raindrops have almost...

SuperShield - insulation and protection from mould!

08 Feb 2007
SuperShield is the newest thermoceramic coating on the market. Painting with SuperShield, you acquire insulation equivalent to 3 cm EPS! Mould problem...

Heating by electricity can be energy efficient

Date: 2013-12-30

Heating panels InfraHEAT

The heating of the third millennium – this is how the specialists call the infrared heating.

The modern radiant heating systems work as the Sun – uniformly and in all directions, using the infrared spectre, which is the range used also by the enormous natural energy source. The feeling is like in early Spring – the air is fresh and cool, but people feel pleasantly warm. Infrared heating can create a favourable and pleasant environment in all seasons, in the home or office, but also in hotels, on the balcony, in cafes and restaurants indoors or in the open, in the supermarket.

Operation principle – inspired by nature!

Even in a cold winter day, when the Sun shines strongly, we feel warm. If we go to the shades – then we immediately feel the difference. The infrared heating panels work using the same principle – when the infrared heater emits rays, all solid objects (walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, people) are heated directly, without the need to increase the air temperature beforehand. The surfaces and the objects accumulate the heat and emit it back into space, as a result heating also the premises.


Слънчеви лъчи

  • The air stays almost still. As a result, there is no dust or microbe circulation in the air.
  • The walls are always a little warmer than the air, which prevents the formation of condensation moulds.
  • The air does not get dry. Its indirect heating allows maintaining the necessary oxygen and humidity levels in the premises. The inner climate is healthy and environment friendly.
  • The temperature differences in the premises, characteristic for the classical convection heating systems, considerably decrease. Thus the effect ‘cold feet – warm head’ does not occur.
  • There are significant energy savings due to the effective radiant heating at lower electricity consumption levels compared to standard electricity heating systems, the absence of inertia working mode, and the possibility for zone heating.
  • Infrared heating creates more comfort at lower air temperatures.
  • The infrared heaters are completely silent.


Comparison with traditional heating systems

Отопление чрез конвекция   Инфрачервено отопление
Traditional heating - via convection: effect "warm head - cold feet"   Infrared heating - uniform warmth: beneficial to the human health


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