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Fourchannel controller for mixing circles with motors

Fourchannel controller for mixing circles with motors



The device is designed to drive motor actuators for mixing valves, according to the temperature supplied to the premises supplied by the respective mixing circuit. Able to manage two-position three and one analog actuator 0-10 V. Suitable for buildings where there are one to four rounds, and convectors, underfloor, radiator heating and domestic hot water.

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  •     Job heating water can be formed : self ( manually from the controller) , according to the outside temperature or the room temperature controller for each mixer circuit .
  •     Room thermostats must have a contact output.
  •     Manages three two-position actuators and a proportional control signal zasvizhka with 0 - 10V
  •     Has introduced these restrictions temperature:
  •         minimum and maximum temperature setpoint in heating mode ;
  •         minimum and maximum temperature setpoint in cooling mode ;
  •         minimum return water temperature in heating mode ;
  •     Pump operation :
  •         at a temperature of the heating water in the range from minimum to maximum temperature
  •         a forced operation of the heating water temperature of less than 10 ° C.
  •         downtimes in excess of 10 ° C maximum temperature of the heating water. Heating circuit protects from overheating.
  •         stops when there is no need for water supply to the heating
  •         if the measured temperature of the heating water in a range lower than the set-point for a minimum of water for 1 hour for the pump output is deactivated. Proceed to check mode , each 15 minutes includes pump for 5 minutes. The condition continues until incoming water exceeds minimum water job
  •     Integrated weekly programmer to adjust the night falls .
  •     Equipped with six pieces temperature sensors Pt- 1000 .
  •     Warranty of 24 months.

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