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Smart contact WiCo. Management of electrical devices on time and temperature, energy saving

Smart contact WiCo. Management of electrical devices on time and temperature through internet connection, energy saving

Weight: 0.300 Kgs

Unique intelligent machine for home and office automation and cost optimization! WiCo represents smart Wi Fi plug that serves as a high distance remote control for electrical appliances up to 3 kW. It can be programmed in hours for the week ahead. Furthermore, it is provided with a temperature sensor and can act as an intelligent thermostat.

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Smart contact WiCo allows:

  •  Remotely connect or disconnect electrical appliances with power up to 3 kW;
  •  Remote create desired daily or weekly work schedule of electrical appliances;
  •  Remotely monitor the temperature in certain rooms in your home or office;
  •  Remotely maintain a certain temperature in certain rooms of the house, cottage or workplace.

Inteligent contact WiCo can be controlled in three ways:

  1. By Internet - remotely program your necessary modes and settings in a cloud server. Receive information in real time and archived.
  2. Via PC or mobile phone - it is not necessary to have internet.
  3. In its own local network - it is not necessary to have internet.

NO monthly fees!


The applications of smart contact WiCo are numerous:

For example, turning the water heater, lighting, maintenance of indoor temperature according to schedule, irrigation management, stove, coffee maker, oven, remote opening of doors and all appliances with consumption up to 3000W. For devices with more power, a special WiCo can be made upon request.


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