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Fireproof Material Vermiculite - Skamotek 225

Fireproof Material Vermiculite - Skamotek 225

Weight: 16.000 Kgs

Skamotek 225 is an innovative new product for building cladding construction of a fireplace without the need of using metal profiles or other frameworks, which facilitates the process of building.

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Skamotek 225 is a lightweight non-flammable material with many advantages. Characterized by high mechanical strength, it prevents the occurrence of cracks in the veil, has a very low thermal conductivity and a maximum operating temperature up to 1000 degrees.

The material is easy to handle and install using traditional tools for cutting and processing of wood. A wall made of bricks or concrete Skamotek is glued directly to the adhesive, and in plasterboard walls, or other light structures, is fastened on a pre-attached backing strip, as shown in the video.

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