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Home HeatingInfrared heatersFor outdoor useInfrared heater BALLU SoftHeat Silver, IP20, 2000W
Infrared heater BALLU SoftHeat Silver, IP20, 2000W

Infrared heater BALLU SoftHeat Silver, IP20, 2000W

Price: €158.50
  • Weight:
    5.500 Kgs

New infrared heaters BALLU SoftHeat Silver are the most compact modern efficient heating appliances for direct heating. They are indispensable for the local heating of working areas in rooms with high ceilings or poor insulation, where the use of conventional methods is ineffective. All models BALLU SoftHeat Silver are supplied with universal bracket that allows easy and quick installation of the heaters on the ceiling, wall, rope, or even threaded spiers! A qualitatively new approach to the creation of comfortable conditions possible through the use of infrared heaters BALLU. They have become extremely popular in recent years, due to their high energy efficiency, safety and unique advantages over other types of heaters.

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This product can be found and bought in the show-room of InfraHEAT in Sofia, Bulgaria, located on 85 "Tzar Boris" blvd. tel. 0876 800 255.

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Like the sun, they radiate heat energy in the infrared spectrum. Heat is hardly absorbed by the air and reaches the lossless heated surfaces, which in turn heat the air. This creates a soft atmosphere in the room, and contributes to a more economical consumption of electricity.

For example:

When it is necessary to maintain 21°C in a room IR heater quickly heats up to this temperature the floor surface and the person will be a comfortable standard same heater will keep a predetermined temperature within the human head zone, while the legs near the temperature is about 15°C, respectively, a person feels that he is cold and the temperature will increase as long as his legs will not be comfortable. In this infrared heater keeps the temperature in the room at 3-4°C lower than the usual source of heat, resulting in substantial energy savings.

The heater is mounted high above the ground or directly on the ceiling - in this way walls and floors remain vacant. Infrared radiation heats evenly and pleasantly, while dry walls minimise the conditions for the occurrence of mould. The SoftHeat heater is extremely easy to operate and maintain. There is no need for replacement of air filters, lubricants, or replacement parts - the heater is one whole body, which is practically eternal. The mode of operation - via radiant heating - allows the walls to accumulate heat during the day. Thus, in the evening the heater can be turned off for maximum energy savings without significantly affecting the thermal comfort. Perfect device for zone heating in large rooms, halls or outdoors. Level of protection from moisture and direct water splashes - IP20.



  • Patented hull shape visually reduces the size of the device
  • 25 μm anodizing of panels ensures effective operation and long service life of the device
  • Installation on the ceiling preserves free working area and eliminates the possibility of burns
  • Stainless steel elements of the body do not turn yellow and do not darken by the time
  • Can be controled with any standard thermostats
  • Suitable for local use
  • Comfort uniform heating
  • High efficiency of power consumption
  • Mounting height from 2.5 m to 4.5 m

Technical data:


Heating capacity, kW 2,0 kW
Supply voltage, V 220 V
Rated current, A 9,1 А
Installation height, m 3,5 m
Unit dimensions (WxHxD), mm 1365x40х255 mm
Package dimensions (WxHxD), mm 1390х55х275 mm
Net weight, kg 6,7 kg
Gross weight, kg 7,4 kg


2 years warranty

Made in Russia

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