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Soft heater with genuine CDI® (Chaleur Douce Integrale) technology Actifonte Plus

Soft heater with genuine CDI® (Chaleur Douce Integrale) technology Actifonte Plus

Weight: 23.000 Kgs

The comfort of genuine CDI (Chaleur Douce Integrale)® soft heat is made possible through precise automated control of two independent heat sources.

1st independent heat source: front radiant panel with surface element
Priority is given to this panel, which independently generates immediately appreciable radiant heat. From the first nip of autumn through the return of spring, it serves as an essential heat source providing consistent warmth.

2nd independent heat source: Fonte Active®
The silent cast-iron technology of Fonte Active® generates consistent warmth to create an unforgettable and uniquely cosy experience.

Regulation: ISN (Intelligence Sensorielle Numerique)® digital sensory intelligence
This technology allows for precise automated control over the two independent yet complementary heat sources to create CDI soft heat and ensure both comfort and energy savings.


Why choose this product ? It offers exceptional, unequalled comfort as well as highly cost-effective operation. The secret: precise automated control over the gentle, enveloping warmth of Fonte Active® technology and the instant cosiness of radiant heat. As a result it stands above other heaters for both its one-of-a-kind technology and its unique aesthetic appeal.

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  • Steel casing. Polymerised polyester epoxy paint.
  • Top-mounted controls. Locking protective cover.
  • Locking protective cover.
  • Multi-position selector: comfort, economy, frost protection, off, program.
  • Temperature adjustment selector.
  • Lighted indicators for heating mode and operating status.
  • Option to lock thermostat control in fixed position or within a min/max temperature range.
  • Heating elements: cast iron and surface element.
  • Comes standard with 2-pin power cord + pilot wire.
  • Locking backplate serves as mounting bracket.
  • Thermal safety cut-out with automatic reset.
  • Compatible with Memoprog programming system.
  • Colour: bright white.



Horizontal 750 450 580 87 12.3 N100-2FPAJ
Horizontal 1000 610 580 87 17.8 N100-3FPAJ
Horizontal 1250 770 580 87 20.0 N100-4FPAJ
Horizontal 1500 930 580 87 26.2 N100-5FPAJ
Horizontal 2000 1170 580 87 33.4 N100-7FPAJ


Actifonte Plus

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