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Electrical Heater Bellagio
Electrical Heater Bellagio

Electrical Heater Bellagio

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    25.000 Kgs
Spare, reassuring design and compact size combined with the marvellously gentle heat of Fonte Active® technology.

Bellagio is equipped with the Fonte Active®element. It operates without heat-carrying fluid, thereby eliminating the risk of noise, leakage or corrosion frequently associated with fluid-carrying devices.
Its Fonte Active® heating element maximises efficiency while providing consistent, gentle heat, transforming this traditional-looking unit into an exceptional heater. It directs its gentle, radiant heat to the centre of the room to offer comfort all winter long. It operates cleanly without generating dust or drying the air.

The arrival of the Bellagio makes fluid-carrying units seem almost outdated.


Why choose this product ? Because its genuine Fonte Active® cast-iron heating unit makes it more compact than water-circulation units while also providing impressive heating comfort. It contains no fluid, consequently eliminating any risk of leakage, corrosion or water noise.

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  • Top-mounted controls. Protective cover.
  • Multi-position selector: comfort, economy.
  • Temperature adjustment selector.
  • Lighted indicators for heating mode and operating status.
  • High-technology digital electronic thermostat with numeric regulation accurate to 0.1°C, pilot-wire programmable multi-tariff control in comfort, comfort -1°C, comfort -2°C, economy, frost protection or off.
  • Heating elements: Fonte Active® cast-iron heat diffuser.
  • Comes standard with 2-pin power cord + pilot wire.
  • Mounting bracket.
  • Thermal safety cut-out with automatic reset.
  • Colour: brilliant Greek white (RAL 9010B).


Horizontal 750 411 570 87 17.6 730B-2FPET
Horizontal 1000 494 570 87 20.3 730B-3FPET
Horizontal 1250 660 570 87 26.3 730B-4FPET
Horizontal 1500 660 570 87 26.3 730B-5FPET
Horizontal 2000 909 570 87 36.0 730B-7FPET
Vertical 1000 328 1000 106 28.5 730C-3FPET
Vertical 1500 328 1485 106 37.5 730C-5FPET
Vertical 2000 411 1485 106 46.0 730C-7FPET



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