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Hydroinsulation and Solar Protection with SuperShield Elastic

Hydroinsulation and Solar Protection with SuperShield Elastic

Weight: 1.000 Kgs

SuperShield® Exterior Wall Coats are highly efficient, energy-saving, flexible coatings designed to insulate and waterproof exterior walls. They are non-toxic, friendly to the environment, and form a monolithic (seamless) membrane that bridges hairline cracks. They are completely washable and resist many harsh chemicals and dirt pick-up.  These water-based coatings are made from an acrylic resin system filled with vacuumed ceramic micro spheres that acts as a thermally efficient blanket. SuperShield® Exterior Wall Coats put a stop to the “frequent painting cycle” – they outlast other paints several times over.  They have superb waterproofing performance, fire resistance and their adhesion increases with saturation.  These coatings have  “Variable Permeability” – they become watertight when saturated by water, and breathe away trapped water vapor when dry.  They protect against UV, greatly reduce thermal shock and sound transmission, and have low VOC levels.  These coatings come in a variety of architectural colors and leave a beautiful satin finish.

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EXTERIOR: For painting concrete, plaster, brick, wood and reducing condensation. EXTERIOR METAL: For painting metal, glass and polymerized surfaces. STD EXTERIOR: Used in most climatic conditions where color fading is a major concern.  It has superb fire resistance, excellent chemical resistant to salt spray, strong acids, petroleum products and other harsh chemicals. TROPICAL EXTERIOR: With same properties as STD, it is used in climatic conditions where fungi growth is a major concern. 



Although these coatings enjoy very low Conductance (0.06 W/mK), it is the combination of their high Reflectance (89-91%), high Emittance (94%) and Endothermic Effect® that makes them a very good choice for protecting your exterior walls from heat buildup.  Unlike typical mass insulation, where heat conduction is just slowed down, this technology keeps the heat out.  Sun light only produces heat when it is absorbed by the wall surface, and being able to keep heat from forming into the surface of the walls is a very effective way to insulate.  The cooling process of Endothermic Effect® ensures that the surface continues to insulate, even if Reflectance is diminished with aging, dust build-up or darker colors.



No primer is usually required.  Follow instructions for proper application and film build-up



All surfaces must be clean and free from laitance, dust, dirt, rust, oil and grease.  Minimally, surfaces must be cleaned to remove any loose or chipping paint, or any other foreign material prior to coatings.



Tinting may be achieved with SuperShield® Exterior Wall Coatings by the addition of universal colorants.  Darker colors will give a correspondingly lower reflectivity.



54.41% by VOLUME / 54.85% BY weight



 (To be applied in 2 coats)

10.4 sm.  Per gallon at 150 microns DFT with no loss. (130 sf/gl at 6-mills DFT)



  • To set:  1 – 2 hours
  • To re-coat: 4 – 8 hours
  • To through: 12 – 24 hours

(depending on the tickness of the layer, of  24 deg C and 50% relative humidity)



None required.  Clean water in small amounts (up to 0.24 Liter – 1 cup - per gallon) may be added to replace evaporation losses or to adjust for spray equipment configuration. Caution: excessive thinning will cause the coating to loose adhesion and elasticity.



Roller or airless spray application is recommended. Very small areas may be brushed. When SuperShield® Exterior Wall Coatings are applied by brush, three (3) coats cross-brushed are required for adequate protection.



  • Tip Orifice: .031 inches
  • Atomizing Pressure: 2200 - 2500 psi
  • Fan Spread: 60 Degrees
  • Pump: Minimum 1 gallon per minute at 2500 psi
  • Filter: Remove filters & screens

*** Prime pump with water before attempting to spray SuperShield® Wall Coatings. Acceptable equipment includes Binks Super Hornet, Graco 433 or larger, and many others.



To assure adequate and uniform coverage, the “spray and back roll” techniques are recommended – spray all coats in the same direction, do not cross spray to avoid showing undulations and other small imperfections in the walls.  SuperShield® Exterior Wall Coats should be applied in full wet coats.



Clean the tools and equipment with warm soapy water.  Rinse with clean water; flush mineral spirits through spray equipment to prevent rusting and to lubricate packing and gaskets.



  • 1, 3 and 10 litre pails



  • Pails of 1, 3 and 10 litres: 1.2 kg per litre



  • Minimum 0 Deg. C                    
  • Maximum 30 Deg. C  DO NOT FREEZE



  • Minimum 2 years (keep from freezing)


SETA FLASH POINT                                         

Non-Flammable (water based)                            



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