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Infrared heater for outdoor use Fiore 1200

Infrared heater for outdoor use Fiore 1200W, IP65

Rating: 10
Weight: 1.000 Kgs

Infrared heaters brand Mo -el are the product of the first patented worldwide technology to waterproof infrared radiation with a level of moisture protection IP65. Infrared heaters for outdoor areas are certified by IMQ and meet the most stringent European requirements. Electric heaters heat quickly, even in the presence of cold wind . They work on the principle of the Sun - by infrared rays. Because of this , they are among the most energy efficient heating appliances , especially when compared with external gas heating. Because of its high moisture resistance , does not require the coated glass , so that virtually no heat loss .

Infrared heaters for outdoor areas have many applications : restaurants, bars, pubs , discos, restaurants, hotels, porches , terraces , gardens , churches , warehouses , farms , greenhouses and much more.

This product can be found and bought in the show-room of InfraHEAT in Sofia, Bulgaria, located on 85 "Tzar Boris" blvd. tel. 0876 800 255.

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Technical data


  • Dimensions in mm: 712x112x83
  • Weight: 0,95kg
  • Power supply: 220V ~ 50Hz
  • Total consumption: 1200W
  • Cable: H05RN-F
  • Range of action: 4-6m
  • IP rate: IP65
  • Insulating class: I
  • Spectrum of emission: IR-A
  • Lamp life: 5000h
  • Lamp: Ruby quartz and tungsten wire
  • Coming with: Switch and plug

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Купихме 3 броя от 1200вата за заведение, за една зима не сме имали проблеми, топлят както е посочено на графиката и не се влияят от дъжда. Дано и през следващите зими са така.

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